Hello there!

I'm Marilúcia Delgado

A Portuguese young woman with a big passion for technology and design.
I’m always looking for challenges and I love teamwork!

Before we get to the real deal, let's see who this stranger is

First of all, I've always been known by my odd name.
And while I like working with people, I'm an introverted person, is that strange?

One of the things I love the most is learning how to do things. I'm the kind of person who loves challenges. I'm actually always challenging myself.
I will give you an example, throughout these last two years, with all of this pandemic going on, I learned a lot on my own, I built my own computer, painted my room, decided to make some DIY with stuff I have at home, tried improving my lifestyle, well, this last one is full of ups and downs, but let's move on. With all this, all I want you to know is that I don't mind having to learn a new skill or doing something I never did because I like that feeling of something new and challenging.
Have I told you I'm kind of a chocolate person and not a coffee one?

It's time for what you actually came here to see, shall we?

Throughout my career I’ve always liked working with a team! For me teamwork leads to the best projects, having different people with different backgrounds usually comes out with the best ideas! My dream job would be working as a Web and Graphic Designer, being part of a big team!

Take a look at some of my works!

What would you like to see first?
Web or Graphic Design?

Web Design

Where I can put my ideas in action! Love drawing something and then seeing it move like I've given life to it!

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Graphic Design

Where the sky is literally the limit! There’s no limitation on drawing and designing! You can do anything you can think of.

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Non Classified

Can’t give it a name because it has different works on it, but if you’re curious go check it out!

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